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Melody Scarlett Lee

Vocal Coach





9544 Las Tunas Dr.,

Temple City, CA 91780

Date of Birth:

May 31st

A Bit About Myself

At a very young age, I started discovering my passion for music, and like many of my young peers at the time. I participated in choir, took piano lessons, contemporary jazz dancing lessons and submitted challenges to all kinds of competitions. At the age of 19, I started giving instructive voice lessons to higher credentialed students who later continued and maintained their passion for music.

I am grateful for my calling to teach to have had arrived at such an early time of my youth. Since then, I have continued giving vocal lessons to peers, students, colleagues, and neighbors alike who are passionate about music. If you are like myself, a soft spoken, and passionate lover for music and singing. I promise you, we would be great together.


With ten years of experience, my teaching style is very hands on, and we will most definitely get past physical intimacy. If fortunate enough to have you open your heart to myself, as a friend and a teacher. I hope that we can both work towards finding a higher calling to the exciting work that is ahead of us!

Work Experience

June 2022 - Present

July 2017 - June 2021

Space Academy Dance & Music Vocal Coach

Manager of Space Academy Dance & Music, vocal coach, and musical director for associated productions, such as in-house, collaborative, theatre, and nationwide productions.

Familiarized students with basic concepts of music such as notes, tempo, beats, compositions, and chords. Taught fundamentals such as projection, breathing, and vocal techniques. Advised parents of students' progress and students by communicating students' achievements and developing methods for improvement.

Performed during grand opening, and in gigs within areas of the east of the city of Los Angeles and continuously shared shared insights of research on academic materials with a wide variety of audience.

LA Music Tribe

Coordinated and judged college singing competitions, expanding jurisdiction to local competitions and nationwide. Prepared, organized and executed concerts, non-profit events, and performances for communities. Keeping communities informed regarding the different excursions, programs, and exhibitions. Obtained donations for events. Dealt with issues such as being understaffed, and undersourced. Drafted and finalized consent forms, legal contracts, and business contracts protecting the rights of clients, business owners, and colleagues. Took part in translating legal documents for holding companies located in China that had educational development intentions.

August 2013 - June 2017

President, conductor, and writer for the one and only East Asian Acapella in USC, Trogons. Organized peer gatherings events within campus. Hosted and participated in weekly meetings, allowing for more speech, early interventions, and creativity.

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